The Complete Hell Or High Water

Hell Or High Water is an account of a single game of Solium Infernum. The game lasted two months, and the account took twice as long to write, coming in at more than 25,000 words in total. I was inspired by the Gameboys From Hell writeup over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun that originally convinced me to buy Solium Infernum, but while that condenses things a little to focus on the most important events, I wanted to capture the scheming and tension that comes with each and every turn in the game. The result is an enormous and detail-filled account, but one that I hope is both informative and entertaining.

If you are unfamiliar with Solium Infernum, I recommend reading my earlier post that gives an overview of the game first. Otherwise, read on below. And if you are interested, you can buy Solium Infernum directly from developers Cryptic Comet. Feel free to drop me a line, as I’m always happy to host a game.

The Complete Hell Or High Water:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7

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12 Responses to The Complete Hell Or High Water

  1. Ori says:

    Hello. I am glad to see you just finished a game of SI. That surely means you’re starting a new one, which is just dandy for me because play partners for this game are not easy to come by! You up?

    • waltorious says:

      I’m always down for more Solium Infernum! But it actually took a long time to write this massive thing. Since I started it, we played a second game, and now we’re halfway through a third! So my current group is occupied, but I’d be happy to start another one if we can find people for it. Know anyone else who might be interested?

    • Ori says: Beware! (Or: What happens when you get the beast early)

      • waltorious says:

        In our current game, someone got the Beast early and gave it the Black Ring. But we banded together and killed him.

        Some of my group have agreed to starting another game, still waiting to hear from the rest. No response from the Steam group yet.

      • Ori says:

        Damn, I stumbled upon that black ring rule and hoped to spring it on you. “Wow, this guy knows this game so well!”, I imagined you’d say. Oh well. So how many players have we got so far?

      • waltorious says:

        We have five total right now. A couple of our players are traveling right now, so we may have to wait a little bit to get a response from them. We wouldn’t be able to start for a week anyway, due to everyone’s schedules.

        Sorry for the delay, but the wait will be worth it!

      • Ori says:

        It’s okay, I’ve been waiting for years, what’s another week? Also, generally speaking, five should be enough players. Do you ever go long game/epic game setup? I wanna get them high rituals.

      • Ori says:

        Actually I have an idea for the mean time. Since you and me are only two people it shouldn’t be hard to coordinate a timeframe in which we could do sessions of play, with an AI or 2, where we play turn after turn for a few hours, hanging out in some chat to update each other (probably doing something else at the same time to make it tolerable, I know I can watch, say, drum tutoring videos). What do you think?

      • waltorious says:

        We have a total of 6 players now, so we can just go ahead and start that.

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